The Adonis Story

Adonis Shirts was created by a young man with a dream. Joseph, the dreamer, a teacher by trade, had a creative side that very few people knew about. He dreamt of finding an outlet for his creativity, while still being able to help his students fulfill their own dreams. Armed with a love of business and a passion for clothing, the teacher became a student.

Joseph wanted to create a product that would be vital to everyone, something timeless and classic; an item that would never go out of style. After many long hours of research and having discarded various ideas, Joseph decided to try his hand at mens dress shirts. He found himself a mill, a factory and a customer and in 1996, Adonis Shirts, Inc. was born.

That first order was not as perfect as he would have liked, but Joseph was not discouraged. He found a new mill and a new factory. He spent countless hours researching patterns, fabrics, collars, accessories, labels, packaging; the list was endless. He spent his days encouraging his students to follow their dreams and his nights in his garage, packing and shipping his shirts. It wasn't easy, but Joseph's hard work paid off and his dream became a reality.

In 2002, having found success with his mens dress shirt line, Joseph was ready for the business to grow to include a new line for boys. And in 2008, he introduced the ADONIS 100% Cotton Non-Iron shirt to his customers. It was an instant hit! But Joseph is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to enhance his dress shirt line, so in 2010 he transformed his Mens Non-Iron shirt with a cutting-edge technology known as GARMENTEC.What was a hit became a sensation!

Today, Joseph is still teaching and dreaming. He works tirelessly every season, personally picking patterns and styles, traveling overseas to ensure that his fabrics are just right, and visiting his customers to find out how else he can fill their needs.

You can find Adonis shirts in stores across the United States, Canada and Israel.