Dress Shirt Care

How to Care for your Adonis Dress Shirt

Knowing the proper care for your dress shirts is essential to keeping them crisp, clean and elegant, not to mention in good condition. But most importantly, keeping your shirts in tip-top shape helps you project a well-groomed appearance.

Below are some simple tips and steps you can use to care for and extend the life of your Adonis dress shirts:

• Routinely check your dress shirts to see if all buttons are secure and there are no loose threads. Getting them repaired immediately not only help avoid nuisances, but will also help in keeping your shirt in good shape.

• Never dry-clean your shirts. Chemicals used in dry cleaning fluids tend to destroy the fabric, weakening the threads and eventually result in holes and rips. These cleaning agents are also very strong and they have the tendency to turn whites to yellow. Instead, have them laundered.

• If possible, avoid starching your dress shirts. Be aware that starch is not completely removed in laundering. It can build up over time and can decrease the wear life of the shirt.

• When washing your shirts at home, always check the care label first. It is recommended that you machine wash your dress shirts using the gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water to preserve the fabric quality and color. Do not use bleach.

• To prevent permanent stains when accidents happen, promptly wash your dress shirt before the stain sets in and is absorbed into the fabric.

Check for stains and clean them before pressing. Heat from the iron might permanently set the stain into the fabric.

• It's best to iron your dress shirt while the fabric is still damp so that you do not scorch or damage the fabric. Using a steam iron, you'll easily and quickly remove wrinkles while also drying your shirt.

The Adonis Easy Care and 100% Cotton Non Iron dress shirts have wrinkle resistant finishes that make them easy to care for at home and need little or no ironing. As mentioned above, be sure to read the care label on your new dress shirt first.

When storing and hanging your dress shirts, it is better to use wooden or plastic hangers with firm shoulders to keep them in nice shapes.

Clothes, including men's dress shirts are actually investments that every man should take care off. Looking good in them not only gives you a good appearance, but also an air of confidence. Keeping them in perfect condition is very important and knowing how to do so is an essential.